My Points of Joyetech Exceed Grip Plus Kit

The Joyetech Exceed Grip Plus is that the massive brother within the Exceed Grip range, but this doesn’t mean it’s too big. actually it’s an ideal size. very nice within the hand and needless to say from Joyetech, this is often often often a real experience.

The body is metal and has just the proper amount of weight thereto . The front side of the mod has the screen which is simply lovely. 0.96inch and colour, it’s crisp and clear. It also features a replacement style UI which is extremely easy on the eyes. you’ll customise the theme colour which i would like to say the battery charging animation could even be a pleasing touch.

There is a removable side panel for straightforward access to your 18650 battery (more thereon later) and thus the pod sits on the rear of the mod. Colour options, there are only three to settle on from, and it’s more how you’re choosing: Black, Geometry or Street Art. MECHLYFE Replacement RBA Coil Head

I mean, this is often often often a Joyetech e-cig. Just from this name you recognize this is often often often getting to be absolutely the absolute best quality, the Joyetech Exceed Grip Plus doesn’t disappoint.

I needn’t have worried about the side panel, because the magnets hold it in situ alright . But there are not any rattles and it holds in situ firmly, while still remaining quick access . The pod sits into the mod with a firm clunk and you recognize it isn’t moving anywhere.

A new chipset adds some extra features including Smart mode. Alongside the standard output modes like variable wattage, smart mode automatically detects what coil you’ve installed and provides you the optimum wattage output. Replacement coil head for Advken Barra Mesh tank

The pods are well built which i actually just like the adjustable airflow. Yes the pods have adjustable airflow, it’s accessible and straightforward to use, far better than sort of the opposite pod kits on the market with a satisfying easy slide. The fill port is that the standard rubber bung that we are wont to from pods. alittle niggle from me, you’ve to tilt the pod or lay it flat to fill it. is that this a big deal, no, is it an inconvenience that annoys me slightly…yes.

The coils are Joyetech EZ coils. These are push fit and given the kit could even be a 1.2ohm and 0.4ohm options. The 1.2ohm is simply an MTL vape, for a restricted draw. this is often often often ideal for higher nicotine strengths or nic salt vape juice.

It vapes alright , regardless of what coil you employ . Both are great in terms of flavour and vapour production. The adjustable airflow really gives you the power to tailor that vaping experience.

joyetech exceed grip plus feature removeable battery
The Exceed Grip Plus takes a removable 18650 battery and will output up to 80W of power. The removeable battery could even be a very nice feature for a pod, as i do know vapers like me prefer carrying around some spares (in an accurate case safely of course), so i’m never caught short!

So in terms of battery life, as long as you’re prepared with spare batteries, it’s never a worry. this is often often often why I personally prefer removable battery mods.
The Exceed Grip Plus could even be a well-built mod with an honest sized, positive feeling fire button, a 0.96” OLED screen and thus the up/down buttons below. Battery access is via a side panel held securely by four magnets. The battery sled is well marked for the orientation of the 18650 cell, but confirm you’ve the ribbon behind the battery as it’s a really tight fit. The negative sprung contact is extremely stiff and will damage the wrap on rock bottom of the cell. There’s no movement within the smallest amount from the panel. this is often often often not a light-weight mod at 148g, nearly the utmost amount because the dual cell Argus GT. The Plus comes with the 0.4ohm coil installed within the EZ cartridge so I started with this first. The EZ cartridge could even be a transparent PCTG making it easy to look at juice levels. Unlike most pod systems, the EZ is exposed, and fit and removal could even be a simple push/pull which only fits how . Juice filling is via a silicone plug covered hole on the rear, which I even have found slightly awkward to open. It also seems to be some extent of leaking if left standing for 24hrs+. I test all pods with a 24hr stand to work out if leaks occur either through the coils or refill ports.
There’s many positives but also some cons. Positives are the solid build, responsive buttons, clear display that’s readable altogether but the brightest sunlight. The cartridge, despite being external, isn’t getting to drop out as it’s a very good fit. The clear cartridge is straightforward to work out juice levels, and thus the coils, especially the 0.4ohm are particularly good. Charging from around 20% to full is around one hour, and at 1.5A, the battery life is extremely good especially on the 1.2ohm coil.
The downsides include the silicone bung on the fill port. It’s awkward to open and if not secured firmly will leak as evidenced by the primary tank fill leaking within five minutes and it also occurring when left standing. The battery compartment is extremely tight and may damage the cell wraps, especially if the ribbon isn’t tucked round the battery. It’s also a weighty device and can not be pocket friendly to some. Being an all metal/alloy body, it had been noticeably warm when charging but external cells should be charged during an obsessive charger and not a mod for safety unless during a situation where usb charging is unavoidable.
More information is out there at TECC. Thanks for reading and to TECC for supplying this kit.

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