The latter situation shows for the national family that one in five smokers have tried e-cigarettes.

On July 16, according to foreign press reports, even if they have never smoked, more and more young Australians are trying to use electronic cigarettes, but they stay away from alcohol and illegal drugs.

The latter situation shows for the national family that one in five smokers have tried e-cigarettes.

In 2016, only about 2.5% of people aged between 18 and you 24 were using e-cigarettes.

In 2019, this figure rose to more than 5%, and most people said they tried this method out of curiosity.

Michael Farrell, director of the Alcohol Research Center in New South Wales the National Drug Administration, and said the increase is worrisome.

Professor Farrell said it is actually more harmful than smoking, but do not want to see people of all ages smoking electronic cigarettes, and may develop as a result of smoking.

The data come from a survey of 23,000 Australians over 14 years by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare every three years.

Michelle Jongenelis of Melbourne Behavior Change Center at the University of Melbourne attributed the phenomenon of selling electronic cigarettes to young people.

He said the increased use of non-smokers among young people indicates that the electronic industry atomizing continue to use this group of people as young people through the marketing and development of new flavors of electronic juices for young people (eg, gum and Red Bull). target market. These techniques are the same as those used in the snuff industry in the 1960s, and history shows us the results.

But Colin Mendelsohn, a doctor quit smoking, said the industry e-cigarette is not directed at young Australians because advertising is not permitted at all.

His point is that even younger tastes are an important part of the consumption of snuff for people of all ages.

He said there are thousands of e-cigarette flavors, “You will be surprised that many adults use these flavors.

The survey found that young users e-cigarettes are much more likely to have never smoked than older people.

Almost 40% of 18-24 year olds who smoke are non-smokers, while less than 10% of people aged 40 and over smoke.

Dr. Mendelssohn said this does not mean that smoking electronic cigarette is the entrance to the consumption of snuff.

He said there is no evidence that young people who start smoking electronic cigarettes, but have never smoked will remain regular smokers if they still do not.

The data collected through measurements of self-reported, clinical assessments, and cough Leicester Questionnaire found that participants who continued to smoke for 6 months, there was no significant difference in the number of cigarettes smoked per day between the two groups while nicotine group average daily cigarettes smoked 11 cigarettes, while group e-cigarette nicotine free cigarettes smoked 14 day, while the group of cigarettes smoked Control 13.5.

Among people still smoked for 6 months, another group difference was significant difference in exhaled CO between the two groups (p <0.025). The average exhaled CO participants in the group of e-nicotine cigarette was 12.0, while the average exhaled CO participants in the group of e-cigarette nicotine free was 15.3, and of the control group was 16.5. (From a health perspective, a ratio of carbon dioxide exhaled lower is preferable).

Again, they found that electronic cigarettes can effectively quit

Finally, there were also significant differences in nicotine dependence between the two groups (p <0.032). All participants had moderate to low dependence within 6 months; the value of the average basis of smoking in cigarette-group and nicotine was 3.12, while the average value of smoking in the core group and nicotine-free cigarette was 3.32, while the control group it is 3.59.

The researchers concluded that after 6 months, 20% of the entire sample quit smoking. Participants using electronic and nicotine cigarettes smoked less than any other group after 6 months (p <0.020). Our data increases

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