Views about SXK Bantam Revision VW Box Mod

Views about SXK Bantam Revision VW Box Mod

The Revision version additionally comes with an included 18350 battery and with the entirety it’s covered concentrates on stock coil use in preference to rebuildables because it also along with an Kangertech EUC adaptor, permit’s deliver it a glance!
1x Bantam Box Device
1x 18350 Battery
1x Refillable Pod Unit
1x Refillable Tank Unit
1x Quick Release Connector
1x Flush Fit Connector
1x 1.8ohm Aspire Nautilus Coil
1x 1.5ohm Ceramic MTL Coil
1x EUC Coil Adaptor
The Bantam Box Revision got here in cardboard container packaging with everything blanketed having it’s personal compartment in the container. Both facet panels on all variations are Black G10 and the tool comes in 7 chassis colour options, i received the Green. The colour alternatives are Silver, Purple, Brown, Red, Black, Orange and Green, the chassis material is Aluminium.
The device is Billet Box Styled however a small square mini version making it very convenient as a bring approximately tool and really comfortable to use. Up top we’ve both a mini display screen and 510 drip tip housed within the drip tip adaptor which is likewise to comfy the internal tank. Towards the bottom on one part we’ve cutout sections to allow air to the tank and on one side we have a round fire button. The panels have moderate play however we don’t have any button rattle and normal build first-rate is very good.
Bantam Box Specs and Features:
Anodised Aluminium Construction, G10
5.5ml, 2ml Capacity Tank Unit (EU)
Dimensions: 55 x 55 x 24.5mm
Output Power: 5W – 30W
Output Voltage: 1V – eight.0V
Resistance Range: 0.4Ω – three.0Ω
Input Voltage: three.3V – 4.2V

Display: zero.Forty nine” OLED
Quiescent Current: <50uA
On-board USB Charging
Colours: Silver, Purple, Brown, Red, Black, Orange, Green
What You Get And What’s Available SXK Insider Style RBA
Pre-set up we’ve a pod fashion tank with a five.5ml ability particularly designed for the blanketed nautilus adaptor with the intention to additionally in shape the Billet box. We additionally acquired a Boro style tank with pre-hooked up EUC adaptor and an 18350 battery so the tool is prepared to move as quickly as you get hold of it.
Of route the Boro style A tank will is likewise well suited with all the to be had Billet Box bridges consisting of the Vapeshell, Exocet, Xeta, Insider and Crossbow. If i’ve any con for what’s blanketed with the Bantam Box Revision edition it’s the fact no rebuildable bridge is covered.
Pre-installed we’ve a pod motivated Boro fashion tank with pre-hooked up Nautilus adaptor and 1.8ohm nautilus coil. The tank has a short fill port with bung at the the front so the glass doesn’t want sliding down and we also have a large arch open at the bottom allowing appropriate get admission to to the bottom of the adaptor to alter the airflow, sure this nautilus adaptor has adjustable airflow that works very well and knurling at the ring makes adjusting very smooth with the tank nonetheless installed.
We get drip tip adaptors one which sits flush and one which gives an higher profile, these adaptors also screw to the top of the Boro tank to at ease in area. The fitting is 510 so that you can in shape your very own 510’s if you opt for.
Both panels have notches in the direction of the bottom to help with elimination and underneath the panel that homes the fire button is in which we can find the USB port if you wish to charge the battery in the tool.
Removing the alternative panel gives get admission to to the Boro Tank, navigational buttons and battery. The device accommodates an 18350 battery and a battery ribbon is equipped.
The small display that’s located on pinnacle of the tool has all the facts required and is bright and sharp.
Top we’ve the Wattage, below we need to the left the resistance and to the right the pre-warmness. At the lowest of the show to the left we have the voltage and in the end to the proper we’ve got the battery popularity bar.
The tool is very simple to perform and is the usual five clicks of the fire button to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off. 3 clicks of the fireplace button flips the show and three clicks once more flips it lower back, additionally pressing both navigational buttons collectively locks the navigational buttons but the tool will nevertheless hearth. I actually don’t understand the lock characteristic because the panel in area will prevent any modifications so in reality if any lock function locking the fire button could of made greater experience. Finally urgent the left navigational button with the hearth button scroll thru the pre-heats allowing the selection of Normal, Soft or Hard. SXK SVT Crossbow Style RBA

The wattage adjusts in point one increments among 5W and 30W and round robins.
The device may have all the standard protection protections but no information is given, i might imagine firmware upgrades may also be possible however again no statistics whether or not the device is upgradeable is given, finally on-board charging is supported.
When trying the standard Boro tank with provided ceramic coil i certainly located the flavor very muted which surprised me as i typically locate ceramic coils advanced in flavour.
The star of this tool even though is the Pod motivated Boro Tank with Nautilus adaptor. Filling this tank is so much quicker and a lot less messy than the usual Boro kind tanks with sliding glass and with the furnished adaptor having adjustable airflow it is a real winner. The flavour from the Nautilus coil is as predicted and probable still the benchmark for MTL inventory coils and without difficulty available.
The tool has all of the equal pros and cons as different Billet Box kind devices which sincerely are possibly more subjective than with any other device as people like various things and whats a primary disadvantage to some can be pretty petty to others with worth whilst blessings.
I have to say the entire concept of simply fitting extraordinary bridges to the same device giving a couple of alternatives is some thing with a view to appeal to many such as me and with this mini type device it adds a stealth alternative.
With the tool only lodging an 18350 battery of path battery existence isn’t fantastic as compared to larger variations however then 18350 batteries are tiny and in my opinion i don’t have any troubles sporting a spare appropriately however then i wager some humans just opt for not having to recall and having bigger ability that is truthful sufficient. Also the unique Bantam box blanketed a rebuildable bridge which i surely might of favored additionally which include with the revised version.
Not positive how the TPD model has it is ability decreased (i would bet just a removable bung within the pod type tank with the spare Boro tank being complete ability). The ability is actually properly, i’ve specifically been the usage of the pod style tank with Nautilus coils and it lasts all day earlier than desiring to fill up.
A aggregate of the Bantam Box and the Nautilus coil is giving me a lovely MTL vape with airflow midway at 13W. The draw for me at midway is semi-unfastened but the adjustable airflow lets in for additionally a tight and free draw, simply correct adjustability!
Good build quality
7 colour alternatives
G10 panels
Small and transportable
Pod fashion Boro tank (quick to fill)
Adjustable airflow with Nautilus adaptor
Top flavour Nautilus coil
2 drip tip adaptors covered
Can match personal 510
Spare Boro tank covered
EUC coil adaptor protected
Compatible with many to be had bridges
Battery protected
Bright, sharp show
Easy to navigate
No rebuildable bridge blanketed
18350 battery (small capability)
Slight play with panels
Included ceramic coil had muted flavour
I could yet again like to thank Linky from Sacowin for supplying the SXK Bantam Box Revision for the purpose of this assessment.


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