Uwell has developed its first-ever husk system, the Caliburn!

Uwell has developed its first-ever husk system, the Caliburn! This sheathing vape is a low profile, refillable shell vape. The Caliburn features a double technique shooting system, so you can either utilize the draw-activated feature or simply push the button to vape. Featuring a built-in 520mAh battery that can be billed at 1 amp for quick charging, the base of the Caliburn has a solitary mini USB charging port. The Caliburn has an 11W maximum outcome with a voltage outcome of 3.2 to 4.0 V, which permits outstanding performance!

The Caliburn refillable shuck has a 2ml e-liquid ability and a resistance of 1.4 ohms. This greater resistance coil makes it ideal for usage with pure nicotine salt vape juice! Each shell can be replenished by removing the drip suggestion, which additionally functions as a juice fill cover. The identical coil style totally evaporates the ejuice, giving you far better flavor, bigger clouds, and a smoother throat hit! The properly designed air passage supplies restriction for a practical cigarette sensation, bringing you the ideal vaping experience!
Uwell Caliburn Leaking
One of the most effective aspects of the Uwell Caliburn is that it’s exceptional at standing up to leakages. If your Uwell Caliburn is dripping, you either have a rare damaged shell, or you require to alter something about the means you’re making use of the gadget. Use these pointers to take care of a leaking Uwell Caliburn.

Utilize an e-liquid consisting of at least a little veggie glycerine. If you use an e-liquid consisting of just propylene glycol, the e-liquid will certainly be so slim that it’ll move as well quickly via the Uwell Caliburn’s wick openings as well as flooding the coil.

Smoke gently when vaping with the Uwell Caliburn. If you smoke too strongly, the atmospheric pressure will certainly require excess e-liquid right into the case’s coil assembly, creating the sheath to leakage.

When the Caliburn is opened, the draw-activated firing system overcomes the atmospheric pressure sensor. The system will immediately disable the draw-activated firing mode if the draw-activated device stops working. You can still appreciate your vape by simply pressing the fire switch!


Battery Capability: 520mAh


Juice Ability: 2mL


Optimum Power Level: 11W

Coil Resistance: 1.4 ohm.


Portable Size.

Twin shooting system.

Magnetic husk link.

Identical coil layout.

1.4 ohm Coil optimized for nicotine salt vape juice.

Easy to bring and comfortable to hold.

Excellent choice for MTL vaping.


1 x Caliburn Device.

1 x Caliburn Husk Cartridge.

1 × USB Billing Cord.

1 × User Guide.

koko prime lanyard caliburn

Just how to Prime and also Load your UWELL Caliburn:.
How-to-prime-and-fill-Uwell-Caliburn-pod-vape. jpg.
To fill up the shuck, you’ll require a press container with a little pointer. If your juice was available in a glass container with a dropper, it will certainly be a whole lot easier to transfer your eJuice into a capture container.

Draw the shell up and also out of the Caliburn battery. Set the battery aside.

Pull the black mouthpiece up and also off of the hull. Establish the mouthpiece apart.

On top of the pod, you will see 3 holes. PREVENT putting eJuice into the center opening, as that is where your coil is.

Put the suggestion of your squeeze bottle right into among the side openings, and also fill up until there is simply a tiny air bubble left in your sheathing.

Once the capsule is complete, clean up any kind of mess on the outside of the covering and placed the black mouthpiece back onto the top of the skin.

If this is a brand-new pod, wait regarding 10 mins before placing the covering back right into the battery and also vaping on it. You want to see to it the cotton inside the vessel has enough time to saturate with eJuice, or else the coil can burn as soon as possible.

After enabling the coil to prime, reattach to the Caliburn battery and also begin vaping. We recommend lighter draws at first to break in the coil. Enjoy!

As we have actually stated, the 520 mAh capacity of the Uwell Caliburn battery is greater than the dual that of the 200 mAh JUUL ®. That doesn’t always imply you can vape 3 days on a single battery cost, however, because the Caliburn likewise operates at a higher power level; as much as 11 watts for the Caliburn compared to an optimum of 9 watts for the JUUL ®

. You can most definitely expect more vaping time with the Caliburn. You can expect to vape enough time on a solitary charge to drain the entire 2.0 ml vessel, which is almost three-way the capacity of a JUUL ® husk. Some people report that the battery lasts long enough to drain the sheathing two times.
Replacement Vessels for the Uwell Caliburn Sheathing Vape Set. Each covering features a 2mL e-liquid capability as well as an atomizer resistance of 1.4 ohms, excellent for pure nicotine salt vape juice! The shucks can be re-filled with the detachable drip idea, which likewise works as a juice fill cover. The parallel coil design totally vaporizes the juice, providing you much better flavor, larger clouds, and also a smoother throat hit!

Just how to Fill and Prime your UWELL Caliburn Pods:.
How-to-prime-and-fill-Uwell-Caliburn-pod-vape. jpg.
To fill the husk you’ll require a capture container with little suggestion. If your juice came in a glass bottle with a dropper, it will be a great deal easier to transfer your eJuice into a squeeze bottle.

Draw the sheathing up and out of the Caliburn battery. Establish the battery apart.

Pull the black mouth piece up as well as off of the case. Set the mouthpiece apart.

On top of the shell you will see 3 holes. STAY CLEAR OF placing eJuice right into the facility opening, as that is where your coil is.

Place the pointer of your squeeze container into one of the side openings, and also fill till there is a tiny air bubble left in your hull.

As soon as the capsule is complete, tidy up any mess on the outside of the sheath and placed the black mouth piece back onto the top of your hull.

If this is a brand-new sheath, wait about 10 minutes before placing the sheathing back into the battery and vaping on it. You intend to see to it the cotton inside the hull has sufficient time to saturate with eJuice.

After allowing the coil to prime, reattach to the Caliburn battery and also start vaping. We advise lighter draws at first to barge in the coil. Delight in!
1. Please charge with a licensed high-grade adaptor from a reliable firm as well as a Micro USB cable television with the charging current of 5V/1A.
2. The device might warm up when billing, keep away from explosive as well as combustible goods.
3. Please utilize a dry and soft cloth to clean the mod. Avoid water or any kind of liquids.
4. Please do not place the gadget in your pocket with other tough objects to avoid damages.
5. When it is not in usage, please transform off the gadget.
6. Please bill the gadget at the very least once a month.
7. Don’t disassemble the tool.
8. Avoid heat, low temperature as well as moisture throughout use or storage to avoid damage to the tools.
9. All pictures shown are for picture objective only, real item might vary due to item improvement.
10. For current images and criteria, please see the UWELL website.
Security Direction.
Please read the complying with safety and security guidelines meticulously before making use of the item.
1. This product is just available to individuals who have actually reached the adultness of smoking cigarettes. It is purely forbidden for children, expectant females and also women throughout breastfeeding or for individuals with heart problems, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, depression, and asthma.
2. Please put the product out of reach of family pets and children to prevent injury.
3. When utilizing this product, please keep away from inflammable and eruptive materials to stay clear of injury.
4. The business does not think of any kind of duty for any kind of equipment damages or accidents triggered by customer misuse.
Service warranty information and facts.
Please maintain the anti-counterfeit code and also proof of purchase after purchasing the item. The service warranty duration is 180 days from the date of purchase. Our business offers warranty solution (Tool only, the covering cartridge is not covered by the guarantee).
Please note that anyone of the list below problems is not covered by the warranty:.
1. Exceeding the service warranty duration.
2. Damages brought on by the usage, maintenance, as well as storage that is not based on the needs as advised.
3. Damage brought on by unauthorized repair service.
4. Damages triggered by the usage of non-UWELL elements.
5. Damage caused by force majeure.
1. See the UWELL authorities website www.myuwell.com through a mobile phone or PC.
2. Please go into the 16 numbers genuine code, and the outcome will certainly be displayed in a couple of seconds.
3. Please do not hesitate to speak to UWELL by means of e-mail, phone or site for even more assistance.
Client service.
We satisfaction ourselves on manufacturing quality items and providing excellent client service. For any kind of concerns, please contact us at [email protected]

Uwell has produced their very first ever before sheath system, the Caliburn! The Caliburn refillable skin has a 2ml e-liquid ability, and a resistance of 1.4 ohms. If your Uwell Caliburn is leaking, you either have a rare faulty shell, or you need to alter something about the means you’re utilizing the gadget. Some people report that the battery lasts long sufficient to drain pipes the pod two times.
Replacement Hulls for the Uwell Caliburn Hull Vape Set.

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