VOOPOO Drag 2 TC Mod 177W Resin Experience

TheVOOPOO Drag 2 TC Mod 177W Resin is one among the foremost recent mods from Voopoo in conjunction with the Drag Mini both releasing at round the same time but my drag mini review won’t be for a couple of of more weeks. Voopoo could even be an organization that does not need much of an introduction lately . They came onto the vape scene with the first drag which was hugely popular albeit IMO slightly overrated but still an outstanding budget mod for the time it came out, and since then have mostly done an honest job with the mojo, too, and pericles, but kinda whiffed on the pod thing with the panda. The Voopoo Drag 2 the follow up to the first drag and will be a dual 18650 mod rated at 177 watts and features a resin side panel. It’s available in 8 colors all with a black frame and thus the color choices are just the planning and color of the resin panel which are Island, Flame, Dawn, Scarlett, Fire Cloud, Puzzle, Aurora, and Ink. Looking around online i see the kit priced around 40-55USD.
When I first got this Mod, I wasn’t really impressed with. I wasn’t an enormous fan of the first design and while they did an honest job making this one slightly lighter and more comfy (no sharp edges!) a couple of of things really stood out on behalf of me . It still has the ugly giant drag logo, the 510 pin is slightly raised giving the design of a definite segment , and my battery door features plenty of play in it. Also the screen is that the same size because the primary so as that was disappointing to still see such small black and white screens and it’s also pretty dim. the first had a brighter screen if my memory serves me correct but it also has quite dim compared to most mods screens lately .I also noticed my screen is slightly crooked also . the sole thing i actually liked form the beginning was the resin. i feel the resin panel is gorgeous which i actually like all the colour options but outside of that wasn’t impressed with this device.
Now let’s get into some data. I ran my normal testing. I used Sony VTC5A batteries for the testing. One thing of note is i acknowledged there was a firmware update on 12-04-18 but the mod was tested by me before this update being available so is on the first firmware it came with as no updates were uot at my time of testing. Testing resistances were done at .12, .15, .2, and .63 ohms. wattage points were max (177), 150, 100, 75, 50 and 25. At .12 ohms it maxed out at 170 watts and 38 amps. For the remainder of the testing it had been low 6-10 watts at 100 or more 3 watts low at 75 but 2-3 watts high at 50 or less. At .15 it maxed out at 177 watts on the dot. the remainder of the testing here was excellent always within 1 watt except at 25 where it had been 2 high. For the .2 test it maxed out at 186 watts. At this resistance it hits mostly slightly high but not by much 2-3 atts high except at 155 where it’s 5 high. For the .63 testing it maxed out at 91 watts and seven .574 volts. For the remainder of the testing it hit high 2-4 watts. The volts shows there’s no boost circuit during this mod like many dual battery mods.

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Overall I felt the performance of this mod was specialized . It’s almost an accurate mod within a few of of watts. They also got obviate all the love mode and stuff nonsense that pulsed so it provides a smooth output at higher wattages like all other mods. I wasn’t a lover of that on the alpha within the smallest amount so glad they moved faraway from it. i used to be ready to get 186 watts max, so I consider it to be accurately rated at 177 watts even slightly underrated. Their Manual lists a volt limit of seven .5V which i’m happy they’re doing . It’s an honest rating for non boost mods and right point with what i got (7.574) so accurately rated. Their site lists an amp limit of 40A. Kudos to them for listing all 3. On this mod and thus the foremost amps i got was 38 with a .12 ohm coil which is true round the average for a dual battery mod (average is around 40 these days) and may be slightly higher as i used to be capped off slightly by the watt limit so good rating there. Personally If i used to be listing the specs I’d call the mod 190 watts, 7.5V and 40A. So overall good performer and accurately rated for watts, amps, and volts. It also features a watt curve mode that has 5 memory modes and works great also . The mod also never really got hot in my stress testing and stays cool during normal usage so well done there
Mod performance is actually good. Mostly hits within a watt or 2 or on point. Accurately rated for watts (186), No boost circuit. Accurate rated for amps (40A rated 38A+ tested). Accurate rating for Volts (7.5 Rated, 7.574 tested). Good power curve mode. Blue Devil E-liquid 70VG / 30PG 3mg 30ml
The new mode they added to the present mod from the first is fit mode which has 3 options labeled 1, 2, and 3. So what’s fit mode? i prefer better to remain things simple personally when explaining it so basically it’s a mode where it reads the resistance of the coil then puts out a pre-programmed wattage amount supported that and was designed to be used with their uforce coils. Basically it’s power mode with a scarcity of settings. I ran a couple of of tests and with a .15 ohm coil fit 1 was 43 watts, fit 2 was 54 watts, and fit 3 was 71 watts. With a .2 ohm coil fit 1 was 35 watts, fit 2 was 47 watts, and fit 3 was 30 watts. one among their coils the triple mesh could even be a .2 ohm resistance and rated best at 75-85 watts and overall rated at 65-100 watts meaning using fit mode with this might woefully underpowered the coils so i assume their idea was by underpowering the coils it’ll reduce the burnout but sadly underpowering coils like this might often cause reduced life and flooding and possibly leaking. Overall it’s an honest idea for a kit to form life simpler for vapers however poorly executed and a useless mode
They even have their voopoo software, i used to be disappointed with the Vmate when the software didn’t work for it during my review and was wondering if they were decided against continuing to supply that. Thankfully the drag 2 had no issue connecting to the software as it’s been updated to figure with the drag 2 already. i used to be ready to connect no issue and deduct the Ti and Ni options for TC mode and it worked great with no issues. The software is pretty basic though, but does allow you to urge obviate modes you don’t need or want and also allows you to vary the theme and to program the facility curve and temp curve memories so it’s an honest software and a satisfying bonus so hard to complain there as most companies don’t have software to permit mod adjustments.
Using SS316 wire in SS mode, I tested 8 builds. 2 simple round single coil, 2 simple round dual Coil, 2 large fancy single coils builds, and a couple of of giant fancy dual coil builds. The mod is again limited to 80 watts sadly which are some things that possesses to be addressed and most of the time won’t give 80 watts anyway. It’s contingent resistance and thus the lower you go the less of that 80 watts you’ll get . This makes it unusable for giant dual coil builds because it stands and really limits the build up ability on anything but one coil build which is disappointing. Also it felt quite pulsey also i don’t remember the first being as pulsey as this one but maybe supported the time my standards were lower with not many affordable TC options. As far as accuracy goes it does hit slightly weak and it would be adjusted which i’d have played around with it more if it worked better to dial in it but because it stands their TC is behind the curve now and not really worth messing with lately . Not a mod i’d recommend for TC.
The mod uses a typical 5 click of the hearth button to means on and off. There isn’t a real menu system intrinsically . you employ 3 clicks to cycle the modes. there’s power, TC, and Fit. When selecting TC it’ll provide you with a choice of SS, Ti or Ni. you’ll enable TCR mode which i didn’t as you’ll adjust TCR anyway which i also removed Ni and Ti from my mod via the software so now when it cycles it just goes right to SS mode for TC. there’s a sub menu for TC and power mode. I won’t bother explaining the TC mode since i’m not a lover of how this performs, aside from power mode holding up and down enters the sub menu. There you’ll switch between power or power curve and also check your serial number and version. I wish they might use a real menu system personally like many mods lately . Down and fire flips the screen and up and fire locks the device. You can’t fire when device is locked. there’s no due to lock just the adjustment buttons. Modes are power (no preheat option), Watt curve, Temp Curve Fit, and TC for Ni, Ti, and SS and TCR mode (TCR possesses to be enabled manually).
The Voopoo Drag 2 adjusts by 1 watt increments which i actually like personally but doesn’t round robin and scrolls quite slowly when held. The mod itself build quality wise could even be a assortment . there’s no button rattle, The Battery door could even be a typical magnetic side plate and It’s easy to urge batteries in and out without damaging wraps and takes (2)18650 batteries. The backplate however features plenty of play in it. quite it should which i found annoying. the sole strength of it, is it’s coated on the within for extra protection.