what uwell crown v5 tank 5ml is?

Crown 5 Container is an updated version of Uwell Crown 4

Uwell Crown V5 Container 5ml
Crown 5 Container is an updated version of Uwell Crown 4. It is a 29mm diameter below ohm storage tank that presents intense radiance and a smooth feel. It includes 5ml big e-juice capability with Patented Self-Cleaning Modern Technology, which has the ability to reduce juice leak and reduce the cleansing regularity. And it also takes on quarter-turn leading cap design to make adding juice also much easier. The filler holes have a silicone check shutoff to avoid e-liquid leakage and also make the loading cleaner. It is suitable with numerous mesh coils for numerous vape experience. The 0.23-ohm single mesh coil( pre-installed) is ideal for 65-70W, providing you the best direct-to-lung vape as well as abundant flavor. As well as the 0. 3ohm twin mesh coil( consisted of) is finest for 50-55W, suitable for a limited direct-to-lung vape, offering warmer vapor and saturated flavor. And also the 0. 2ohm triple mesh coil( marketed separately) is ideal for 65-70W, bringing you somewhat tight direct-to-lung vape, massive vapor, and also suitable taste. There are 2 versions for your option: Requirement Version as well as CRC Version and Uwell Caliburn prime( kid lock variation).

 Uwell Crown V5 Tank 5ml

Main Features:
1. An upgraded version of Crown 4 Container
2. 29mm in size as well as 5ml large e-juice capability
3. Self-cleaning innovation
4. Quarter-turn top cap design
5. Filler hole with a silicone check shutoff
6. Plug-pull coil, easy to change
7. 0.23 ohm single mesh coil best for 65-70W, developing the best DTL vape as well as rich flavor( pre-installed).
8. 0. 3ohm double mesh coil best for 50-55W, ideal for restricted DTL vape( included in the package).
9. 0. 2ohm triple mesh coil best for 65-70W, appropriate for somewhat limited DTL vape, huge vapor n suitable taste( sold independently).
10. 510 threading.
11. Uwell exclusive Pro-FOCS Flavor Screening Modern Technology.

Brand: Uwell.
Product Call: Crown 5 V Below Ohm Container.
Product: SS, Pyrex.
Requirement Version Dimension: 29mm x 50.5 mm.
CRC Version Dimension: 29mm x 51mm.
Storage Tank Capacity: 5ml.
Mesh Coil: 0.23-ohm single coil; 0. 3ohm double coil; 0. 2ohm triple coil.
Color: Silver, Black, Yellow, Grey, Red, Blue.

Bundle Materials:.
1 x Uwell Crown V Tank.
1 x Additional Glass.
1 x 0.23 ohm Un2 Fit together Coil( pre-installed).
1 x 0.3 ohm Un2-2 Mesh Coil.
1 x Pack of substitute O-rings.
1 x User’s manual.
1 x Leak tip cover.

The 0.23 ohm single mesh coil( pre-installed) is finest for 65-70W, providing you smoothest direct-to-lung vape and rich flavor. 3ohm twin mesh coil( included) is ideal for 50-55W, ideal for a limited direct-to-lung vape, supplying warmer vapor and also saturated taste. 2ohm three-way mesh coil( sold independently) is best for 65-70W, bringing you a little tight direct-to-lung vape, significant vapor as well as decent taste. 2ohm triple mesh coil best for 65-70W, ideal for somewhat limited DTL vape Koko prime, substantial vapor n decent flavor( marketed independently).
Mesh Coil: 0.23-ohm solitary coil; 0.


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